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Family business with over 15 years of experience in the area: certified tour guides encouraging activities that prevent overcrowding.

(Català) Lleida

Through the Brown Bear country


  • Stroll that is part of the network of monitoring routes of the Brown Bear of the Natural Park of the Alt Pirineu, in the Pallars Sobirà, to enter the habitat of this species in all its elements.

    Departure and arrival from the Fornet refuge. With this new initiative we reduce CO2 emissions and we can quickly get to know a territory outside the massification.

    Half-day activity and adapted to all levels.
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    Optional visit to the bear's house.

    Minimum 4 people.

  • Price: 15€ (from 3 to 12 y.o) / 20 (over 12 y.o)
  • Location: (Català) Bonabé
  • Duration: From 9 AM until 14:00 PM
  • Difficulty level: Low
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