Ecomuseu de les Valls d’Àneu

(Català) L’Ecomuseu permet de conèixer millor la realitat natural i cultural del territori aneuenc i les transformacions que s’hi han anat succeint a les darreres dècades. Donem al públic visitant una completa informació sobre el passat i el present de la zona i alhora propiciem la reflexió sobre les possibilitats de futur.

A diferència dels museus tradicionals, l’Ecomuseu no es reclou en un edifici, sinó que s’escampa territori enllà per tal d´explicar la vida de les valls que el comformen. Es vertebra, doncs, a partir de centres patrimonials repartits pels pobles d’Àneu.

(Català) Lleida

Game of draughts, Pallars’ history with every single piece on the board


  • What happened in Pallars during the 11th and 12th centuries? The entities that manage the castle and the monastery of Santa Maria de Mur, Santa Maria de Gerri, Sant Pere del Burgal and Santa Maria d'Àneu do not hesitate: history is not made of fragments and you clearly want to know the whole plot.
    That is the reason why, in order to know the 4 spaces and the close bonds they share, the point is to visit all of them.
    In each place it will explained how were the DRAUGHTS, how it was perceived from that place, and how history and time passed by.
    This route, with an integral vision and a gender perspective, talks about women and men who made the story. How it was, how should it be. Hey, think about it: history is also a game of draughts!
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    If, within 2 years, you do all the 4 visits (Sant Pere del Burgal, Santa Maria d'Àneu, the castle, the monastery of Santa Maria de Mur and Santa Maria de Gerri) and then present the ticket you will receive a prize.
    Group booking available.

  • Calendar: See website for more information
  • Price: Sant Pere del Burgal: from 4€. Santa Maria d'Àneu: from 3,5€.
  • Price includes: Guided visits to the monuments
  • Location: (Español) Sant Pere del Burgal
  • Meeting Point: (Català) Sant Pere del Burgal. Santa Maria d'Àneu.
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  • (Català) Fotos: Oriol Riart
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