Parc Natural de l’Alt Pirineu

High mountains, a refuge of endangered species and landscapes shaped by centuries of human activity.
Come visit the largest natural park of Catalonia, between the regions of Pallars Sobirà and Alt Urgell

(Català) Lleida

Passport “Enjoy the park”

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  • The passport will be your explorer's license: it proves you are part of our exploration team! The passport is a booklet where the spots are located and accurately explained; once you get there, you will find interpretative contents, places and people aware of your explorer rank and of your urge to get to know the Alt Pirineu Natural Park.

    In these places you will be able to fill your passport with stamps: Interpretation and Information centers, activities of the park's agenda undertaken by accredited companies, and viewpoints of the area of the Alt Pirineu National Park.
    When you get to seal the whole passport, you will indeed be rewarded! Stop by one of the two park offices to pick up your prize. Come on, explorer, go ahead and fulfill your passport!
  • Calendar: All year round
  • Location: (Català) Llavorsí
  • Difficulty level: (Català) Baixa
  • Addressed to: 
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